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The FREE system we use for registration is designed to ONLY open registration at midnight of the date specified.  Many Scouters complained about registering at midnight.  Therefore, at 1 minute until 9pm,

on Monday, March 18, 2019, the Registrar will CHANGE the open date from March 19th, to March 18th.

This will have the resulting effect of immediately opening registration.   You may see, that registration opens on the 19th, but it will in fact, open three hours BEFORE on the 18th.   I hope this clears up any confusion on when registration opens.


Thanks for your interest in the 2019 NC State Merit Badge College.  Registration opens March 18th, 2019 at 21:01 (09:01pm), so don’t delay.  Adjustments to classes will occur, but most of the enrollment will be completed by March 29th, 2019.  


Unit leaders should immediately sign up on the Adult Signup survey.  Do this NOW, as we will accept Scout registrations ONLY from units that have signed up two Adult, registered Scout leaders.  Units sending female Scouts, must agree and sign up a registered Adult Female leader, who will be assigned to their female Scout‘s merit badge class.


Event Schedule

Parental Consent Form

MB offerings and pre-work list

Campus Map


Wait List

Adult Signup

The primary thing each unit needs to do is select a unit registrar that is computer savvy, this is vital to a smooth successful registration.  You should also be aware that only online credit card or Paypal payments will be accepted this year. You will not be able to pay at the Council office, or from your unit account.



Step 1:

Things you MUST GATHER to BE PREPARED before March 18th registration:


Step 2:

The day (the moment) that registration opens, Monday March 18, 2019 @ 09:01pm (21:01)

Login to   Find the April 6th Event (NC State 2019 Merit Badge College)
Click on the RED “Signup” button on the right side.  Do not click the blue hyperlink. 
Refresh your browser at 21:01, and your screen will change to allow you to begin registering your Scouts.


Step 3:

Within 72 hours of registering your scouts, you will receive an email containing  your billing statement, at the unit registrar email address you provided, with your total due.   Once you have the amount due, have made payment, and received confirmation of payment, you should notify your youth of their assigned classes, and tell them if they have any pre-work.  Pre-work, are merit badge requirements that will not be covered it class.   If they do the work ahead, bring it to class, it will be checked and if complete, they will receive credit for those requirements.  If they do not have time or choose not to do the prework, they will go home with a partial completion.  Link to Prework requirements

We do not provide merit badge counselors after the day of this event.  Any partials must be completed by a registered and trained merit badge counselor back at home.


Step 4:  Payment  Link to pay, but ONLY after you have received your statement

We only accept payments via online Credit Card or Paypal accounts.  Boy Scout Troop 200 in Cary has agreed to let us use their online payments, so you will see that name on your statement.   Unless approved by the event Registrar, we are not accepting checks or payments from your Council account.  Payments will not be accepted at the Council office.  Single MB classes are $18, Dual MB classes, $22, Adults, $9 – Minimum five scouts, minimum two adults.  NO single sign ups unless approved by the event Registrar.


Payments are due no later than 24 hours AFTER receiving your billing invoice  Any classes not paid by that date and time, will be forfeited and returned to the available pool for sign up.  

Step 5: Have the unit leader, or his assigned designee, provide each Scout with an official BSA Application for Merit Badge (a blue card).  It must be fully completed, including the Scout name, and merit badge.  It must be signed by an authorized unit leader.  Leave the name of the merit badge counselor blank, as that will be completed during class, by one of the volunteers.  The cards should be collected by the unit, before arrival and brought to Check-In by a single adult leader on the morning of the event.  If the unit leaders signature is not legible on the blue cards, the unit leader needs to also print their name on the cards.  We will not admit a Scout without the blue card and signed parental consent form.  Scouts in dual-badge classes, must have one card for each badge.  Only one parental consent form is needed for each Scout.


Step 6: There are no Adult waivers required.  However, we still must collect at check in, a completed Youth Parental Consent (for Scouts) Download, print, and distribute these in time for them to go home, be signed and returned to the adult group leader.  The single adult leader who does check in, the morning of the event, must submit one youth waiver.  The unit leader verifieds each blue card held by their Scouts.  Blue cards will be signed in their respective classes by an assigned registered leader.  The NCSU MBC Registrar is officially registered as a merit badge counselor for all the badges.  The Registrar can sign blue cards, should your unit at home absolutely require that.


Step 7: Adults registering ABA to help, must link to a survey form and select a first and second choice for where they want to spend the day helping us facilitate this event.  The expectation  is each unit must sign up at least two adults and that all adults provide an active role.  These adults are NOT being asked to teach.

Click this link:  Link to sign up for your preferences  This can be done NOW or at any time, but should be completed no later than March 17, 2019.   We reserve the right to CANCEL all units classes, if there are not at least two registered Adult Scout leaders, signed up on the Adult survey and in the ABA class.

If for some reason your unit registrar cannot register their Scouts, let me know.  Know that the official email for NCSU MBC is   We will use the date/time stamp on your email to prioritize your concern.  My phone number is listed below, but email messages will be given higher priority than phone calls.  Due to my work constraints, I can not answer calls from 10pm to 5pm, Mon-Fri.


I will need your:  Name, Unit number, Contact phone number, Details of the concern/inquiry.


Hope this helps.  Please let me know if you have further questions.

Gantt Edmiston

NCSU MBC Registrar  

919-740-9191 (Note: phone not answered 10pm to 5pm, Mon-Fri, send email)    


NCSU Merit Badge College FAQ

Look here for answers to the questions you are asking:


  1. 1.Can more than one person from our unit register our Scouts at the same time? 

There is a technical risk it doing this.  You can corrupt your unit’s input, especially if you use the same login ID, at the same time.  However, classes are assigned on a first selected, first reserved method.  Is it really fair that you “game the system” and have an unfair advantage over smaller units with fewer adults?   Let the Oath and Law be your guide.  Know that the registration system does log date/time stamps for all class sign ups.  The metrics will clearly show who might be signing up classes at a pace exceeding the ability of one user.  Perhaps a better plan would be to register Scouts for the more popular classes first, as they fill up quickly.  We reserve the right to cancel seats from any unit shown to be utilizing “parallel” entry processors.


  1. 2.How do we enter our Scouts 2nd and 3rd choice MB selection? 

There is no need for secondary and tertiary selections.  Once you reserve the primary MB selection for your Scout, you are assured you have reserved that badge for him, as long as you pay for the badge before the deadline.  If we see units stockpiling classes, or listing the same scout, or fictitious names for more than one class, we will disqualify the entire unit.  A Scout is Trustworthy!  See Wait List


  1. 3.When I try to edit an already registered Scout, I am not allowed to select another class, why? 

This edit feature does not work, the providers of say to simply delete the entry and re-enter the registration.  If there is a mistake, I recommend you email me with the information and let me resolve the issue.  Deleting a registered Scout also has the effect of making that class seat open and available for others to snatch up.


  1. 4.When do I pay for my registrations? 

Do not pay before you have completed any/all your registrations.  We require you pay via credit card or PayPal.  All payments must be receive within 24 hours of the date/time emailed to you.  You are solely responsible for watching for the email, in your incoming email.  Unpaid seats will be deleted.  You will receive a statement at the email address of the Unit Registrar.  You pay, HERE We are not accepting personal or unit checks.  We also are not taking payments from your Council unit account.


  1. 5.Why does my payment list First Cary Methodist Church, BSA Troop 200 as the payee? 

Boy Scout Troop 200 has offered the use of their PayPal account to collect fees.  We thank them for doing so!  By only accepting payments via this specific method, we have the flexibility to quickly issue refunds or correct overpayments.   The Council office switched to a new payment system, and volunteers are not allowed to view transactions at this time.  


  1. 6.What is the dress code for NCSU MBC?  My unit doesn’t require Scout pants, are they required? 

Scouts should wear the Class A uniform, as much as they own, and what is deemed appropriate for their unit uniforming requirements.  Some classes require long pants for safety reasons, so make sure your Scouts in Chemistry, Nuclear Science, Forestry, Soil and Waterm and Pulp/Paper, attend with long pants and close-toed shoes.  Finally, we want all our Scouts and Scouters to be appropriately attired.  Not wearing any pants, well that would just be silly!


  1. 7.I am from out of Occoneechee Council, can my Scouts sign up? 

No, sadly due to massive issues with lack of payments, and non-compliance to the event requirements, has resulted in this event being open only to Occoneechee Council Troops or Crews only.


  1. 8.I am the unit registrar, but I am not registered in the BSA, what do I do? 

Use the BSA ID of a unit leader and enter your email address when you create your account on  The ID number must be valid for your unit.  The ID must be previously linked to a valid and current Youth Protection training completion.  Check this as soon as possible.


  1. 9.The adults coming to the event don’t have Youth Protection, can they participate? 

Yes, however they just need to take YP training online before the event, and bring a copy of the YP certificate the day of the event.  It should be submitted along with the parental waivers.


  1. 10.What do the adults do during the event?  How can we help out? 

We have transportations needs, if you have a small bus or Church van, email us as soon as possible and we will put you to work helping out!  A Scout is Helpful!


  1. 11.Will the adults be expected to teach the merit badge classes? 

NO!  Adults in the class sessions will be assigned to do helpful tasks like taking attendance, checking pre-work, logistics for lunch, ensuring Scouts are being Courteous to the university staff , and reminding the Scouts, if they forget.  It is vital that Adults also ensure that only registered Scouts are present in your classroom.  If you find a lost or wayward Scout, that should not be in your class, contact the Registrar immediately so that we can direct them to the correct location.  You are not authorized to approve any Scout to attend a class for which they are not paid and registered.  If the Adults in the remote labs (Schenck Forest, Animal units, and Centennial Campus), will call the Registrar as they start their routes back to the brickyard, so that we know when to expect your return.  One of the most important tasks for an Adult volunteer, is to ensure the attendance is accurate, and that list is returned to the Check-In location in Dabney Hall, as soon as possible at the end of the day.


  1. 12.How can my adults indicate how they want to help out?  

There is a  Adult Signup Formthat should be used to indicate your 1st and 2nd preference for assignments.   This sign up can happen NOW, and preferably be done no later than March 17th.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This survey is only for assigning your adults to their preferred classes or areas to help.  This does NOT replace the need for them to ALSO sign up during registration for the ABA (Attendance by Adult) section.


  1. 13.I am a professional XXXXXX, can I help teach the class? 

No, our agreement with the University is that they alone will provide the instructional staff.  However, you skills would be helpful as an assistant in that class, checking pre-work.


  1. 14.What documents need to be turned in at registration the morning of the event? 

ONE unit leader, will check in at registration.  We will need to have a parental permission form completed and signed for each registered Scout.  Additionally, we will need to view/verify there is a signed, completed BSA blue card, signed by the unit leader or his designee, for each registered scout.    Any non-BSA registered adults must also show a Youth Protection training certificate to be active in the event.   Scouts in the dual badge classes, must bring a blue card for both badges.


  1. 15.Is there a wait list, should any spaces come open? 

YES!  You just need to sign up on the Wait List survey.  We will fill seats that come open based on the date/time your entry on this survey are received:  Wait List Survey


  1. 16.Why do I only see the ABA selection, or only a few classes when trying to register my Scouts for MBC? 

You can only select available classes.  ABA is to sign up adults for this event.  This means there are no seats left in any class.  The event is full, if there are no classes to select from.  Remember each unit must sign up a minimum of two adults in the ABA (attendance by adult) class.  Units sending female Scouts, must sign up a female Adult registered leader, and she must attend the MB class of the female youth Scout.


  1. 17.The class size for some of the classes are small and there are no more seats available.  My scout is small and doesn’t take up much space, can I just have him attend anyway? 

NO!  Our host, the University, has established each class maximum size, based on insurance, safety, and laws regarding the capacity of some of the labs.  Anyone found leading a youth to deceive the instructors or attending a class unregistered, will be subject to explusion of this event and further possible disciplinary actions from our Council.  Be a leader, but only lead in respect to the Scout Oath and the Scout Law.


  1. 18.I registered some seats, now my Scout(s) say they cannot come?  What is the procedure for fixing this? 

Please do not just go delete them from your roster.  Email the Registrar and provide the unit number, the badge and the scout’s name.  The Registrar will move the badge to the wait pool and notify the next person on the wait list that indicated they want that badge.  This procedure is more fair, than just deleting it, which puts it out on the available pool for anyone to take, out of turn.  See item below about refunds.


  1. 19.I already paid for seats, and now need to turn them in, can I get a refund? 

As advertised, there are no refunds once paid.  However, if you follow the recommendations in the item  above, we will make every effort to sell your seat to another scout and will issue you a refund, when they pay for the seat.  There will be NO REFUNDS for seats orphaned by deleting without notifying the Registrar even if we resell that seat.


  1. 20.Did you realize that the date of this event is the same date as [insert your other event name here]?  Can you please move this date so it fits our schedules? 

The NCSU MBC committee does not set the date.  We accept the most gratious hospitality of our host, North Carolina State University.  The date is chosen by them, and we are most grateful for their invitation and the volunteer efforts of their instructors, staff, and use of their world-class resources.


  1. 21.My unit back home, will NOT credit our scouts unless the blue card is signed. Who is authorized to sign our blue cards? 

The event Registrar is a registered merit badge counselor for all of the badges at this event.  All instruction during the event is being performed under the supervision of the event Registrar.  Similar to instruction done by a youth at a BSA summer camp.  The Registrar will be happy to sign your cards after the event ends, if they are not already signed by a volunteer in their respective classes.  The Registrar will only sign blue cards AFTER the class roster has been received at the end of the day.


  1. 22.We cannot get the minimum 5 scouts interested  from my unit. Is there a way to contact another troop in the Occoneechee Council to see scouts can be registered with their troop? 

NC State Merit Badge College is a UNIT-based event, and each unit is required to send a minimum of two registered leaders, who agree to provide their services during the day.   However, once registration opens, and when we can identify units who are participating, email the Registrar and I can attempt to put you in contact with units in your area.   If we can pair your Scouts up with another unit, and they adopt your Scouts, they can register with them.  We still will require that at least one registered adult in your unit, register and assist.  We do not have the bandwidth or ability to give these Scouts priority registration.  Perhaps another plan, would be to proactively contact other units, perhaps at Roundtables, and establish an agreement to consolidate your Scouts with theirs.  We will be validating all youth registrations, to ensure that all are actively registered in the BSA, in units that are allowed to earn merit badges.  New 1st year scouts, transitioning from Webelos, need to complete their paperwork with Council, to remain registered with NC State Merit Badge College.


  1. 23.The number of seats listed  for a class is negative, why? 

Some of the more popular classes can get selected and the registration system cannot catch up before it locks down that class.  This means that we will need to move the last one or two Scouts registered to other classes.  This is the one case, were we will issue a refund, if we cannot place a Scout, in another acceptable class.  As far as we know, and after consulting with the volunteer that made this free registration system, there is really no way to avoid this from happening.  Due to insurance and in some case, lab space availability, we do not have the ability to add more seats to a class.  PLEASE use the  wait list if you think you selected the last seat in a class.  We will use the wait list to resolve any conflicts in overbooked classes.


  1. 24.I have a scout that can only attend part of the day, is that OK? 

No.  No credit will be given to Scouts that only attend the whole day.  See the Event Schedule.


  1. 25.We see the graphic images for Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science merit badges, on the flyer for NC State MBC.  We cannot find them in the list of classes, WHY? 

We provide the classes, offered to us, by our host.  (See item\ #20 above).  The 2019 NCSU MBC, happens to fall on the same day as NC State Veterinary School final exams.  All the resources that would normally be available to provided these two badges, are either taking exams or giving exams. We hope these will return to our event, in a future year.  The images were left in the flyer, simply to make it easier, and not have to edit them, just for this year.  We apologize for any confusion.


  1. 26.What do you provide for lunch?  What if my son/attending leader has food allergies?  Since we cannot eat the provided food, can we get a discount on our event fee? 

The 2019 event will provide one soda/or/one bottle of water during the lunch break.  Each participant will choose what they want during that time.  We also ask that each participant bring with them a bottle of water, which is important for remote classes in the forest lab, or soil science outdoor teaching areas.

Our normal lunch is a Chick-Fil-A sandwich, chips, and a cookie.  The sandwich is cooked with peanut oil, so if you have nut allergies, you may need to bring a non-perishable bag lunch with you, to cover any special needs for hydration and food.  We do not offer any discounts on our event fee for those who wish alternative lunches.  We do not provide vegan or gluten-free options.


  1. 27.What recommendations do you have for the model rocket needed for Space Exploration merit badge? 

    While you can select any small rocket, one very inexpensive solution is the Estes Alpha III kit.  These may be available at the Occoneechee Scout Shop, at 3231 Atlantic Ave, Raleigh, NC, 27604  They are $9.99 and you should also purchase an size A or small B size engine.  The engine are one use only, at the event, you likely will only fly the rocket once.   They may also be found at hobby shops and large hobby retailers like Hobby Lobby.  Buying a rocket with pre-molded fins, makes it easy to assemble. 


  2. 28.Blank