Roundtable & Committee Meetings

Crosswinds District Roundtable Meetings:

Crosswinds District Roundtables are held on the 3rd Thursday of each month, with the exception of July (summer vacation). Roundtables start at 6:30 pm with a gathering and visiting with each other for one-half hour. The actual Roundtable starts at 7:00 pm with a general information session for all attendees. Right after the general information session, the Roundtable breaks into 3 separate sessions, one for Cub Scouts, one for Boy Scouts and one for Commissioner Service. Roundtables normally end around 8:30 pm.

Starting with the January 19th, 2017 meeting, we will move Roundtable to Christ the King Lutheran Church, 600 Walnut Street, Cary in the Luther Café. Christ the King is located next to Cary High School at the corner of Walnut Street and Tanglewood Drive. The parking lot entrance is off of Tanglewood Drive. Luther Café is on the western end of the building (left side as you come down from the parking lot). Enter through the glass doors on your left as you enter the covered walkway marked “Christ the King Pre-School”

August Roundtable, we usually have our annual “kick-off” supper. We do not have a Roundtable in the month of July.

Roundtable Powerpoint – 2015 08 20

Roundtable Powerpoint – 2015 09 17

Roundtable Powerpoint – 2015 10 15

Roundtable Powerpoint – 2015 11 19

Roundtable Powerpoint – 2016 01 21

Roundtable Powerpoint – 2016 02 18

Roundtable Powerpoint – 2016 03 17

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Roundtable Powerpoint – 2016 06 16

Roundtable Powerpoint – 2016 08 18

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Recharter Training – 2016 11 17

Roundtable Powerpoint – 2017 02 16

Roundtable Powerpoint – 2017 03 16

Roundtable Powerpoint – 2017 04 20

Roundtable Powerpoint – 2017 05 18

Autism Spectrum Presentation – 2017 06 15

Online Registration PPT – 2017 08 17

Online Registration Guidebook (pdf)

Roundtable Powerpoint – 2017 09 21

Roundtable Powerpoint – 2017 10 19

Scouting with Different Abilities – 2017 10 19

Roundtable Powerpoint – 2017 11 16

Recharter Instruction Info – 2017 11 16

Roundtable Powerpoint – 2017 01 16

Roundtable Powerpoint – 2017 02 15

Roundtable Powerpoint – 2017 03 15

Roundtable – Family Scouting – 2018 08 16

Roundtable – Recharter 2018 Powerpoint – 2018 11 15 (View in browser)

Roundtable – Recharter 2019 Powerpoint – 2018 11 15 (Download)

What are the Roundtable Meetings?

The Roundtable meeting is held to disseminate information to Scout leaders and to help train Scout leaders. There is a 1/2 hour common information and announcement session at the beginning of the Roundtable for ALL Scout leaders. Then the Roundtable breaks into two or more sessions for about 1 more hour. One session is for Tiger and Cub Scout leaders and the other session is for Boy Scout, Crew, Exploring and Varsity leaders. We sometimes have special sessions for adult training, Eagle Board of Review training, Health and Safety training, etc.. We set these sessions up when we think there is a need for them or they are requested by our Scouting units.

Who should attend the Roundtable Meetings?

The Roundtable meeting is held for ALL Scouters or for any adult that is interested in becoming involved in Scouting. The sessions are sometimes attended by youth who are in OA, Senior Patrol Leaders and Patrol Leaders.

What are the Directions for getting to the Roundtable Meetings?

See Google Map:

Crosswinds District Committee Meetings

Crosswinds District Committee Meetings are held at 6:15pm to 7:00pm, just prior to Roundtable meetings, on the same night and location.

What are the District Committee Meetings?

The Committee meeting is held to plan, discuss and report on the activities of the District. The functions of the District include; Membership, Finance, Program and Unit Service. Each District function has one or more volunteer chairperson(s). Those chairperson(s) normally attend the Committee meetings and make a report on their area’s events for the past month and the coming month. The meeting is chaired by the District Committee Chairperson or Vice Chairperson. Those normally attending a monthly meeting are: the District Chairperson, Vice – Chairperson, Commissioner (Unit Service), Cub Scout & Boy Scout Program Chairpersons (Program), the District Scout Executive (the “DE” is the paid professional Scouter assigned to our District), the Membership/Relationships Chairperson (Membership) and the District web site Director, and District Committee Secretary.

Who should attend the District Committee Meetings?

The Committee Meetings are open to ALL Scouters or for any adult that is interested in becoming involved in Scouting. The Chartered Partner Representative from each sponsor of a unit should also attend, especially at the Annual District Meeting, as they are a voting member of the District when it addresses the nominees for the District Committee Officers.

What are the Directions to the District Committee Meetings?

Same as Roundtable