The 2018 Crosswinds District Camporee will be held at Camp Durant on April 27-29, 2018. Please see the registration and leaders guide links below.

Camporee Resources

Everything you need to know about this Camporee is in the Leader’s Guide. Click on the link below.

  • Registration is open. Register here. If you have not sent your $50 deposit to the scout office please do so before camporee.
  • The Crosswinds District Leaders Guide is available. All leaders should read this for important information.
  • You or your responsible adult for Camporee needs to email Tim Owens at and let him know the top three events that your troop would like to run during camporee. The events are below.

Once you have completed both the registration and the event selection, Tim Owens will let our registrar know that you are good to go for Camporee and at that time your campsite will be assigned. We are limited on the number of campsites and shelters so they will be assigned based on sign up numbers you register so we can make sure we maximize the campsites we have available to us. Note that not every unit will get a shelter in the campsite as we expect more units attending than shelters are available. We will let you know if you need to be prepared to bring/make your own shelter.