About Crosswinds

How the Crosswinds District got its name

This information was supplied by Avery Thorn. Avery was a Scout in Troop 204. He provided this information when he entered the contest to name the new Scouting district west of US Highway 1. Avery won the contest and this was his explanation for picking the name “Crosswinds”. Avery is the son of Gary and Lynn Thorn.

NOTE: Since the old Dan Beard District was split into two parts, another contest was held to name the new Scouting district east of US Highway 1. Ian Fletcher of Troop 165, sponsored by the Macedonia Methodist Church, won that contest by chosing the name “Hemlock” for that new district. Ian is the son of Richard (Dick) and Dusty Fletcher.

Avery’s Explanation for chosing the name “Crosswinds”

I have come up with a new name for the old district.

It should be called the “Crosswinds District” My new name is named for highway 40 and highway 1 and 64 which surrounds the Cary and Apex area. We are close to Jordan Lake, the Raleigh Durham Airport and many major highways. Because of this, we are surrounded by strong winds or crosswinds.

There is a Crossroads Plaza, a Crossroads car dealer, which is close to my Crosswinds name.

Since Scouting is related to indian lore, and indians often listen to the wind to find direction for food and drink, the “wind” name should be used.

Combining the “cross” and the “winds”, I came up with the “Crosswinds” name.

I would be proud to be part of a district named Crosswinds.